League President:

Monica Zwick (Interim)

The Aboite Softball League has enjoyed a close relationship with Southwest Allen County Schools and Aboite Township throughout since our founding in 1976. Moving from fields entirely on the Homestead campus to splitting between the two organizations we have been very fortunate to have a great partnership with both. In 2019 Southwest Allen County Schools announced they were going to expand the campus of Homestead High School to accommodate growth. This comes years after the campus absorbed the old Woodside Middle School and converted it to the Homestead 9th Grade Academy. The new plans will keep the same basic footprint but alter nearly everything else on the campus.

The League has enjoyed the use of two fields on Southwest Allen County Grounds that we referred to as Field #9/Monica Zwick Field and Field #10. Our remaining two fields are on Aboite Township property, Field #11/Mike Rost Field and Field #12/Putnam-Welch Field. Three of our fields are named after past presidents, two of which are still active members on our board, Mike Rost and Monica Zwick.

As a result of the expansion, we are faced with losing our showcase Field #9, which is visible just to the right of the "SACS Property" on the below rough diagram, showing that it will be converted into a parking lot. With over 500 players, fans, and visitors in our leagues losing one field would make our seasons difficult. Due to the conditions of our other three fields, losing Field #9, in particular, has an even greater impact on our league. We have always run our league with the focus on the players, and providing a relaxed, fun environment for them at a low cost. As a result, we have often delayed field improvements unless they were absolutely necessary.

In 2020 the Board of Directors decided to pursue the development of a new softball complex to both accommodate our players and to give the community a park that would benefit everyone. In working with Aboite Township we were given permission to begin planning for a complex with four softball fields that will serve our league for years to come.

Below we have developed a rough diagram of our vision for the future (we are clearly not landscape engineers). As we start to seek out partnerships with civil engineers, contractors, and other professionals, we are asking for your help and donations to make this vision a reality.

Some of the key features of our new complex will be:

  • 4 brand new Softball Fields with artificial turf infields, 210 foot fences, lighting, and dugouts (currently we have 3 fields with fences ranging from 180-200 feet)
  • Batting Cages
  • New LED Lights on all four fields (currently we only have lighting on 3 fields)
  • New drainage to allow for more games to be played
  • A central pavilion providing shade for fans and a memorial for our donors
  • A new Concession/Restroom/Storage building

As a league, we are also hoping to help add 3 new Lacrosse Fields located to the north of our fields. In working with local Lacrosse groups we learned there is a need and demand for a Lacrosse centric turf field that will serve both Boys and Girls teams in the area. The scope of this project would deliver the only Women's Softball focused facility in Northeastern Indiana, and the only Turf surface Lacrosse Field open to the public in the state.

The Aboite Softball League annually has between 350-500 ladies of all ages participating in our leagues. As an organization with a 45-year history, we are lucky to have three generations of parents and players still participating in our league. It is very common for past players who stay in the area to register their daughters in the league to help create the memories and friendships they did as kids.

Our Capital Campaign is entirely supported by volunteers and 100% of all funds raised will go towards the new facilities. Whether you can contribute a little or a lot, every donation is appreciated. Donations can be made via check right now by sending to:

Aboite Softball League, 12226 Wood Glen Drive, Fort Wayne, IN 46814