League President:

Monica Zwick (Interim)


 Do You Have a Question? 

What age does my daughter have to be to play? 

We base our divisions off age/grade as of January 1st. If your daughter is 5 years old on January 1 she can register for the Tball division. Our divisions are broken down by grades after that. Tball is K-1st grade, 2/3 is 2nd and 3rd grade, 4/5 is 4th and 5th grade, etc. We allow 8th graders to make the choice between playing in the Middle School division or High School division, that is our only exception to changing divisions. 

When do you practice?

This is based on the manager for each team. Most teams will practice one weeknight per week (in the month of April) and on Saturdays (April through Season end). When the season starts the weekday practice usually is replaced by games, but Saturday practices are very important year round. 

What is provided for the players? 

Your registration fee covers the costs of our umpires and field equipment as well as their team jersey. You will need to supply a glove and softball/baseball pants (Black, White, Gray). Cleats are not required, but the majority of players have them. We have extra helmets in every shed for the league to share, but many players buy their own to make sure they have one that fits. 

Does my daughter have to go to Aboite, or Southwest Allen County Schools, to play? 

NO! We are an independent league, meaning we are not affiliated with any other organization, and we welcome players from anywhere, including outside of Allen County. We have no geographical boundaries to play in our league. We simply ask that you are able to make it to every game and practice. 

What do you mean you are an "Independent" league? 

This simply means we are not affiliated with Little League, USSSA, ASA, or any other governing body. We follow USSSA rules as our basis and we change them depending on divisional level to make the game fun and competitive. Our league was founded on 4 principles. Teaching sportsmanship, teamwork, the game of softball, all while having fun. We hold a year end tournament and we track regular season wins and runs, but at the end of the day our priority is to give all of our players a fun sport to learn and love for the rest of their lives. 

Will my daughter get to play if she is new? 

YES! One of our basic rules in game play is that every single player bats in order no matter if they sat on the bench that inning or played in the field. We require that every player sit one inning before any player sits two innings, this also keeps the games competitive and makes sure every player gets ample playing time. We keep our teams small enough to keep sitting out at a minimum while also being able to cover if someone misses a game or gets injured.

Where do you play? 

We use 4 fields located in Aboite Township next to the Homestead High School Football and Soccer stadiums. 3 of our fields have lights and an outfield fence at 190-200 feet depending on the field, with a 4th field used for our lower divisions. 

Who takes care of your fields and gets the diamonds ready for games?

In short, we do. We have a board member who makes sure we have a quality playing surface every year, and on game day we ask our coaches and managers to line the field, and get the bases out and setup. As a small non-profit we are very much a community organization who depends on our families to help us. 

Do you have concessions? 

We do. We are fortunate to have a concession stand and bathroom permanently located in the middle of our complex that we use. We offer hot dogs, popcorn, drinks, and candy for a low price. All proceeds are used to continue to support our operations. For Opening Day and other special events we try to bring in food trucks to give our families something different. 

Can my daughter play with her friends? 

Of course, hopefully she makes friends with everyone on her team! However, we limit our player pairings to Tball and the 2/3 division. As a board we have found that once players reach the 4/5 division they start to become more competitive and we do our best to make sure teams are competitive across the board. As such, we do a blind draft for all our teams and players are placed on teams randomly. 

I would like to sponsor a team, how do I do that?

We are always looking for and welcoming new sponsors to our league. For information simply email us and we will get back to you. In all divisions but High School we place sponsors daughters on their team, and we allow sponsors to select a manager, if they would like to. In our High School division we do all assignments on a blind draft basis to try and keep these teams as even as possible as High School players may elect to return to their team each year. 

Do you allow boys to play? 

Our league has been focused on providing a positive environment for females to form friendships and enjoy the game of softball. As such, we currently do not have a boys division. In the case of a trans individual we identify gender according to Southwest Allen County Schools guidelines, or, if the school identifies an individual as a female, we will as well.